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“Ros has amazing energy and commitment. She’s worked with me in all areas of my business. She’s not just a coach but has worked as my marketing manager, my sales director, training coordinator, partner, confidant, business mentor and best friend. She always keeps me on track. I can recommend her as a business coach.”

Chris Gray, Owner, Smart Alloy Yorkshire


As my business coach, Ros has shown me how to develop my business plan in 90 day segments. This makes it easier for me to reach smaller goals in pursuit of my bigger vision.

We work together to identify the strategies and activities I need to implement in order to reach my goals.

Advice from Ros and the educational material she provides me with keep me focussed on the things I need to do to move my business forward.

My time management and cash-flow concerns are both improving. I know this is due to my investment in coaching with Ros.

Jess Clark, Director, PR & Marketing


“I’ve been working with Ros for only a short length of time but she’s taught me how to feel more positive about myself and my business. With her fresh pair of eyes, she’s shown me many ways that I can improve my business. She’s a great listener and very easy to talk to. I know that, with Ros’ help, I can achieve my goals and have a better and more successful business.”

F James, Owner, Children’s Nursery


As my coach, Ros has helped me realise that it’s not a job but a business I’m running and it’s my end goal that I have to keep in mind when planning my daily business activities.

Before I invested in ActionCOACH, I’d been running around trying to be everything in my business. I was completely stressed out. Ros helped me to clarify my vision, find direction and to realise that I don’t need to do everything in the business. She showed me that, by developing and documenting systems and training, I could delegate tasks to my team. I hadn’t previously felt confident that anyone could do the work as well as I do. But in fact my team was just waiting to be shown!

I’ve put my prices up, eliminated deals that weren’t making the business a profit, cut out the C and D customers and in less than 6 months our turnover is up by 33% and profits are up too. And I was able to take my family and friends away for a fabulous long holiday to Florida: my business can function without me.

I can’t thank Ros enough – just wish I’d known about coaching 20 years ago!

Chris Dyson, Managing Director, Carpets & Flooring


What delegates say about our 6 Steps to a Better Business seminars

Great atmosphere! – James Vincent

Usually seminars can be a bit dull but this was interactive and engaging – Jenn Springham

I discovered how much I still don’t know! – Chris Dyson

A great reminder about what I need to do. Ros was clear, concise, friendly and approachable – Sharyn Coleman

Very easy to follow and made me think about how I approach my life and how to improve my business.

Ros showed me that I need to try to spend more time on the business rather than in it! 

As a result of this seminar, I hope to change my business by improving profits, taking on staff and getting more freedom! – Jess

I will now plan for the future – and stick to it – Chris Brown

This was a great reminder to concentrate on the right attitude to be adopted while in business. I will try to free up my time which is spent working in the business. By changing from doing a job to running a successful business. – Mike Todd

This was clear and concise and all relates to me and my new business. I need clear goals and planning – Sofia Khan

I learned about how I need to improve myself and focus on my goals. – Rachel Hay

A great coaching session – showed me to take a significant look “outside the box” – Richard Walker

The session encouraged us to think outside the box – Heidi Green

Coach Ros kept the session at a comfortable pace and made everything easy to follow. I hope to change my business by thinking about how I can apply the techniques given. – Chanelle Hardcastle

Thought-provoking, relevant and inspiring. – Nick Tubbs

Easy to understand and thought-provoking. I hope now to gain at least one more client on a retainer basis – Jan Osborne

It made me realise I need to have more fun! – Peter Boyes

Lots of practical ideas to implement in real life – not just concepts. I hope now to spend more time working ‘on’ the business – Jack Barber


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